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EdTech Amsterdam has been reborn as Hub Amsterdam!

It’s not an end, it’s a new beginning!

It was ‘before covid’ that we organized the last network event for EdTech Amsterdam. During Covid we focussed on other things and now we decided that is was time for something else. At LearningStone we love educational technology and loved the cool people but we also love other forms of Learning & Development. We started realizing that times are changing and that the boundaries between online and offline L&D are blurring. Time for something new!

As we had met the folks of Develhub – the network organisation for L&D in the Netherlands, and discovered that there was not a ‘hub’ for Amsterdam, we decided to start one and are now asking you, would you be interested to join? Send an e-mail to hub-amsterd@learningstone.com for questions or signup for more information at www.hub-amsterdam.com

A bit of history

10 years ago Michiel Klønhammer sold his part of ICATT, the internet and e-learning company (still going strong!) to found MaxClass. Two years later he co-founded LearningStone and a bit later MaxClass was sold to Heutinck.

EdTech Amsterdam started as a national network but after wa while the most active members decided to organise a more local network to meet other EdTech professionals (startups, scientists, teacher and more). In 2023 EdTech Amsterdam was discontinued and Hub-Amsterdam was launched.

Please join us at: www.hub-amsterdam.nl

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