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EdTech Amsterdam is an informal meetup in the Amsterdam area for Startups, Scientists, Teachers and anyone interested in learning technology.
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THE LAST EdTech Event was….

Date              Jan 17th 2019  – 16:30 – 19:00.  Talks start at 17:00
Address       Kohnstammhuis, Wibautstraat 2-4, Amsterdam,
PLEASE NOTE, NEW ROOM: Kohnstammzaal (KSH09A10, 9th floor)

Kohnstammzaal (KSH09A10) (9e verdieping)
Wibautstraat 2-4
1091 GM Amsterdam

For the next EdTech Amsterdam on Jan. 17th we’ll be getting together for some exciting talks and some drinks at the Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences (known to many as the HvA) on the Wibautstraat. Thank you Faculty of Education for sponsoring!

Read on for the amazing lineup and please let us know you’re coming so we make sure there’s enough space.

Our theme for the day is “How EdTech ideas can turn into real world applications.” Several successful innovators will be showing us their work in short dazzling presentations sharing their road from idea to application.

Co-organizer Bert Bredeweg, lector at the HvA with an impressive history of research and innovation, is welcoming you and our speakers!

We’re really happy to have this amazing lineup!

Pim Bellinga, from Grasple, Youssef El Bouhassani from Leerlevels and the HvA, Annika Borgstede from Feeback Fruits, Wai Feersma Hoekstra from Digital Society school, Jaeques Koeman & Roland Groen from Edia.


Grasple – Speaker: Pim Bellinga

Grasple is a social enterprise with the mission to make knowledge as openly accessible as possible. To achieve that, we have developed an online editor- and practice platform that teachers in higher education use to find and edit open exercises (on math and statistics) and share them with students so they can practice with direct feedback. https://www.grasple.com

LeerLevels – Speaker: Youssef El Bouhassani

LeerLevels is an online learning platform for truly personalized learning. A combination of a curriculum built around fine-meshed learning objectives and artificial intelligence makes it possible to deliver exactly what a student needs at that moment. http://leerlevels.nl

Feedbackfruits –  Speaker: Annika Borgstede

FeedbackFruits’ mission is to support teachers in facilitating learning activities that spark active thinking. With partnering universities in the EdTech consortium, FeedbackFruits facilitates the network and software to share and co-create new innovative learning activities together.  https://www.feedbackfruits.com

Digital Society school –   Speaker: Wai Feersma Hoekstra

Digital Society School (DSS) is a modular knowledge and training institute with a design and development team that (a) organizes short trend-related modular programs (‘tracks’), (b) develops and implements digital solutions with the latest technology for students, teachers and researchers, and (c) helps to integrate the digital concepts developed by DSS into the business and society through training and executive programs. All activities of the DSS are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. https://digitalsocietyschool.org

EDIA –  Speaker: Jaeques Koeman & Roland Groen

EDIA education technology was founded in 2004 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The founders of EDIA envisioned that smart automation would play a significant role in the content creation and publishing industry. In 2006, EDIA launched its first AI in education product, which used machine learning and natural language processing to curate online text sources for vocabulary training. https://www.edia.nl




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