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EdTech Amsterdam is an informal meetup in the Amsterdam area for Startups, Scientists, Teachers and anyone interested in learning technology. Signup here to hear about the next Meetup.

Last meetup:   “EdTech Drinks and Crossing Borders with EdTech”
17:00 May 10th at WeWork Metropole.

More information and signup.

Thanks to WeWork for hosting EdTech Amsterdam!


WeWork is the impressive workspaces and community building on the Weesperstraat which is worth a visit in itself. As they put it:  WeWork provides the space, community and services you need to create your life’s work. To learn more about WeWork’s spaces and memberships in Amsterdam, send an email to metropool@wework.com or call 020 – 7059567



Are you a teacher, entrepreneur, developer, designer, creator, founder or funder, researcher or educational specialist and are you working on bringing exciting new technology or (digital) services to schools or other learning environments or are you using these innovations? Join us.

Please note: EdTech Amsterdam is a Dutch initiative but we want to be open to international professionals, so we communicate in English. Let’s bridge the gaps in learning cultures and work together!


We all face similar problems and have a common passion: innovation in education or training. We want to meet each other, work together and have fun doing it.


For now, we’re organizing  physical events with or without speakers  (we meet in a café or maybe your office or other venue) and later we hope to extend this into a larger event. We need someone to sponsor these events.


If you want to be invited, you need to register on our Meetup group.


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