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EdTech Amsterdam is a network and meetup in the Amsterdam area for Startups, Scientists, Teachers and anyone interested in learning technology.
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Next Event:
“Venturing with Edutech”

January 23rd, 18:00 at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam.

Free English spoken event organised by HvA Amsterdam. You are welcome!

More information and signup

During “Venturing with Edutech”, we will be looking at innovative technologies within education and innovative concepts for students and teachers. During this event we will focus on the future of edutech, online platforms and a socially responsible company focused on edutech. Of course the question is also asked how the entrepreneur experiences starting a business and how this journey went.
More info here: https://www.hva.nl/ondernemerschap/gedeelde-content/evenementen/evenementen/2020/01/venturing-with-edutech.html

With kind regards,
Bert Bredeweg
Professor of Science Education
Faculty of Education, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Kirsten van Keimpema
Project Manager Store Innovation Lab & Entrepreneurship Events
Entrepreneurship Programme, University of Amsterdam

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