Sponsors, locations, presentors & other good people

EdTech Amsterdam is organized by Michiel Klønhammer (MaxClass and LearningStone) but we need your support. Why be a sponsor? A sponsor can offer us space to organize our events, buy the drinks or help us do joint promotion. We have a growing list of interesting connections and we will include your name in all our communication. But more importantly, you will support a growing community of innovators in and around Amsterdam to get inspired, share idea’s and do business. These good people have supported us until now:

LearningStone and MaxClass (location and sponsor)
Rockstart Accelerator
LeerUniek (location and sponsor)
ICATT interactive media (location)
Shell Livewire (sponsor)
WeWork (location)
HvA – Amsterdam University of Applies Sciences (location and sponsor)

Contact us to join this wall of fame!

Presentations have been given by

Annika Borgstede  of Feedbackfruits
Pim Bellinga of Grasple
Wai Feersma Hoekstra of Digital Society school
Youssef El Bouhassani  of LeerLevels
Jaeques Koeman & Roland Groen of EDIA
Marco Sterkenburg of Drillster –  the adaptive, assessment based learning tool.
Serge Bueters of Squla – fun curriculum-based online games
Jorizella Cimafranca of Coursepath – online training platform
Marieke van Geel, MSc – UT Twente, Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences  on Data literacy in schools
Thomas Markus – (Topicus Onderwijs) on data and innovation
Lotte de Rooij MSc & Alette Baartmans MSc –  (Open State Foundation) on Open data in education
Prof. Han van der Maas (Oefenweb) on Adaptive Learning and Math Garden / Rekentuin Jelte de Jongh (LeerUniek) on Big Data in education
Michiel Klønhammer (LearningStone) on LearningStone
Eric Trimp (Edg Media) on opportunities in the EdTech market
Jeroen Fransen (Joyrite) on LAUNCH and EdTech in San Fransisco


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